Mastering the Art of being Distinct yet Diverse

Executive Leadership Program

Our five-day flagship leadership program attracts leaders from around the world, from organizations with a variety of missions and goals. What you share is a common desire to explore: How, as leader of the organization, can you lead change, drive innovation and quickly respond to market demand How do you create and cultivate the culture you need to succeed as an organization How do you create a vision, communicate it throughout the organization and stay on-point during challenging times Plan, in partnership with world-class faculty, peers and coaching, a roadmap for achieving the results when you return to work.

  • Defining effective leadership
  • Creating a strategic vision for your leadership goals with an actionable plan
  • Communication, influence and persuasion: identifying your blind spots and improving your effectiveness
  • Becoming a force multiplier by learning how to attract and retain the best people for your team, including project-based and virtual
  • Broadening your scope to incorporate tri-sector leadership (business, government & non-profit) to excel at solving today’s most pressing challenges
  • Developing a performance-based culture: case studies in improving organizations through intentional culture management and latest brain research findings on TRUST©