Mastering the Art of being Distinct yet Diverse

Executive Decision Making Trainings

The kind of decision you are called upon to make every day often with scanty information but increasingly with more data and information than you can process. Critical thinking is one of the most important aspects of leadership. In any given week, executives are called upon to make hundreds of decisions – some mundane, but many of strategic importance with the potential to affect the very survival of their businesses or their careers. The strength of those decisions rests on the leader’s ability to quickly analyze and interpret the massive amounts of data that inundate them every day.

  • Think more strategically about your business
  • Make important business decisions more quickly
  • Avoid biases that get in the way of good business decisions
  • Apply a critical, systematic approach to analyzing data
  • Approach new information with curiosity, openness and inquisitiveness about its accuracy
  • Seeing Through misinformation
  • Common problems with how data are collected, reported and held
  • Visual manipulations of data
  • What you didn’t learn about probability in business school
  • The seven steps toward better critical thinking
  • Avoiding your brain’s inherent mind traps
  • Biases in judgment and decision making
  • Cognitive short-cuts that inhibit decision making
  • Becoming a creator of knowledge, not a consumer of knowledge
  • Harnessing your innate curiosity
  • Turning Information into Effective Decisions
  • Making decisions at the right level within your organization
  • Distinguishing between trivial and vital data
  • Using post-mortems to imagine future bad outcomes