Mastering the Art of being Distinct yet Diverse

Communication Excellence Training

Today’s Leader is the Storyteller-in-Chief. You stand before your colleagues, your board, your investors, with nothing more than your presence, passion, and knowledge. Your leadership brings them to “Yes.” In Communications Excellence: Presentation Skills to Up Your Leadership Game, you will become that leader. 2-day presentation skills training for corporate leaders and high-potential executives who seek to improve their persuasion and connection with their audience. Through demonstration and practice, the program trains you to develop a presentation style that will resonate with your audience. Led by experts in creative entrepreneurship, theatre and rhetoric, you will be better prepared to influence, inspire teams, sell with passion, close deals, and serve others with excellence. Proven effective in virtually any corporate context, at the core of this empirical process, is the discovery of the techniques and methods to highlight your authentic passion for the desired outcome.

  • Capitalize on verbal and non-verbal skills with honed, tangible presentation techniques
  • Strategically employ persuasive appeals
  • Demonstrate ownership of your voice
  • Prevent distractions and sustain focus
  • Practice and rehearse with a purpose
  • Plan and execute presentations tailored for a specific audience with maximum impact