Mastering the Art of being Distinct yet Diverse

Applying Design Thinking to your Organization

All too often, organizations find themselves stuck in a strategy that's become stale or obsolete and they don't know how to break free from this fixedness. Enter design thinking. What began as a method for sparking product innovation is now a powerful tool for rethinking and revitalizing strategy. By placing customers' needs at the centre of a product, service, process, and business model, design thinking can help leaders reframe key strategic challenges facing their organizations and fundamentally change how they think about strategy. Emphasizing right-brained creativity and left-brained analytics, this approach enables leaders to envision their strategy in a new light, find novel opportunities for innovation, and gain inspiration.


Reimagining Strategy helps senior executives view strategy through a new lens and employ design thinking to innovate and elevate strategic thinking. It's designed to equip senior leaders with a sophisticated knowledge of design thinking and help them "unstick" a strategy that's become stagnant.

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